The Truth About Accountants

You might imagine accountants as boring, super math geniuses, who spend all day fiddling with Excel and only come out of their cubicle caves for more coffee. While there might be a sliver of truth to that, though “fighting” Excel might be the more appropriate word (just ask any accountant about their love/hate relationship with Excel), there are many preconceived notions about accountants that just aren’t true. In this article we’ll be discussing three of those assumptions and give you the truth about who accountants are.

All Accountants are math geniuses…right?

While this may be true for some – most accountants aren’t incredibly good at math, we don’t need to be. Number literacy is very important, and some math is necessary in the accounting world like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, however when it comes to more complex math equations most accountants leave the heavy lifting to Excel.

Accounting is boring and so are the people

There’s plenty of jokes going around the internet right now that if you don’t want people to pry about your work then just tell them you’re an accountant because “nobody asks you questions if you say you’re an accountant”. It is the sad reality for many accountants who would love nothing more than to excitedly tell you about the Excel formula breakthrough they had, or that after three days of pulling their hair out they finally found the 1 penny discrepancy that was causing their reconciliation to be off. Learning just some of the terminology used in the accounting world can make all the difference between glazed eyes and an intriguing conversation.

Accountants and accounting are only important during tax season

Most people think that accounting is only necessary and important during tax season. While tax season is the busiest time a year for a lot of accountants it’s actually very important to keep up on your books during the off season. If you stay on top of your finances throughout the year, not only will filing be much easier, but you’ll save yourself and your accountant the headache of trying to remember a whole year’s worth of expenses and revenue.

We hope this article gives you some insight about how awesome accountants truly are and that they aren’t quite the cubicle goblins some might think they are. At Blue Peak Accounting we know that staying current on your books is one of the best ways to ensure continuity of your business. Please reach out now and let us help you grow your business.

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